Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2017-05-31

Interactive Design of Anystage Cools Perfect World Strategy Conference

    On 28 th August, 2013, Perfect World, the leading online game developer and operator of China, allied 360 game and Unity Technology Ltd to hold a WebGame strategy conference in Beijing. In order to show the new 3D features of games, Perfect World specially invited Anystage’s realtime interactive design team to join the conference design. 

    According to the requirements of Perfect World, our interactive design team presented its ingenious real-time interactive glamour combining with LED screen and radar system. The speakers did not need any device, just a simple and quick gesture that could realize what they wanted to show. The amazing realtime human interaction shocked everybody there.

    Mr. Xiao Hong, CEO of Perfect World, said, “Compared with the previous conference, this one is much better than before, since it gets rid of lots of complex steps during the presentation. Just a simple gesture can show what I want to present, thus, I can concentrate on my idea. Thanks very much for such professional service from Anystage’s interactive design team. Look forward to their future creative ideas. ”

    Anystage also thanks for Perfect World’s compliment on our interactive design. For those clients who trust us for the perfect presentation, our interactive design team will make every effort to support them. Hope realtime interactive design can be applied into much wider areas.