Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2017-05-31

Come to Enjoy Fancy Children’s Amusement Park

     Anystage is always devoted to creating its own exclusive space in theme entertainment industry, bringing fabulous experience for visitors with the interesting innovative interactive audio-visual technology. 

    Recently, in Children’s Amusement Park of Overseas Chinese Town of Shenzhen City, Anystage adds much more enjoyable and amusing ideas for the Children’s experienced amusement park by using the unique feature of  interactive design. In the exploitation of children’s intelligence of early childhood education filed, leading children;s natural curiosity is the most effective way. While the use of multimedia interactive new technology opens up new prospects for it and also offers perfect solutions for children’s science and technology museum, children’s palace,etc

    Through its creative ideas with pleasure, child interest, funny, Anystage lights up children’s sparkling wonder of stardust sky.