Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2017-05-31

In December 2015, Anystage successfully combines real-time 3D interactive visualization with MES (Manufacturing Execution System), EMC(Energy Management Contract) and VR Manufacturing simulation system and applies the new achievement into the industrial automation area for the first time.

The project conducts an overall intellectualized upgrade in a large-scale auto parts manufacturing enterprise. The real-time 3D interactive visualization design implants a brand-new 3D exhibition system to it, helping with the vivid presentation of the industrial automation lines and a variety of advanced technologies. Anystage optimizes ERP, the well-known enterprise management system, and then accurately dock it to EMS, to avoid the waste of enterprise’s investment on software. Keeping the concept of interactive design in mind, it customizes software system for every single manufacturing industry, to save financial and human cost. Inspired by designers, the real-time 3D data visualization transforms all complex and redundant background data to more intuitive and vivid visual data. Real-time and flexible, it will bring an unprecedented experience to managers and visitors.