Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2017-07-14

    In this project, our design team uses real-time 3D interactive display concept, connects various data in grid power's layout and matches with 3D models, not only turning the concept of grid power into the specific demonstration process, but also teasing out the complex power grid line to clearly present all kinds of grid power data.

    In this project, our team offers a customized development on 3D multimedia interactive programming to meet our client's needs. It can be customized for interactive development for various data, maps, models and visualization standards for grid power display categories.

    Here is the principle of our large-scale screen's interactive visualization.

    We use 3D interactive software to store the image and data in the workstation, and the player on the graphics workstation plays the image on the screen.

    The graphics workstation will control the signal through the LAN and use the tablet PC as the play control for the presentation.

    Our interactive design effects can be customized according to your needs, mainly focusing on high-tech feeling, three-dimensional visualization content. In the presentation, the speaker can operate the tablet terminals to control large-scale screen's display content as he or she explains the show for the visitors. .

    Real-time three-dimensional interactive visualization technology can inject more fresh elements into various industries. ANYSTAGE has been devoting itself to providing more solutions to customers and has never changed.