Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2017-07-16

     This is the customized WFS 3D AUDIO space sound design concept and professional audio technology service provided by ANYSTAGE team for the The Phantom Lover  project of the China Sea Studios.     


    China Sea Studios - Sea Legend  is a film shooting area, mainly based on the background of the Republic of China era for the film and television shooting, with the multiple functions of film entertainment, cultural experience of Xiangshan, coastal tourism, co-invested by Zhejiang Radio and Television Group and the People's Government of Xiangshan County.



    The psychedelic scene theater of China Sea Studios, The Phantom Lover ,takes the poignant love suspense story that occurred in the Republic of China as the main line, and adopts three-dimensional surround sound, holographic imaging, model effects, etc, all those technical methods to create a comprehensive experienced project. The project adopts the world's original immersive spatial sound system WFS 3D AUDIO from ANYSTAGE to upgrade the sound from the flat 2D surround to the full range of 3D stereo with spatial experience and capture the original director's intention and inspiration in the creation of the show, thus the sound will echo throughout the space with the bizarre whisper and creepy voice produced by three-dimensional surround sound when it's finally presented to the audience, like a ghost voice closely wandering near around the visitors. Visitors can feel the precise sound field movement in this sort of spatial sound system as if the ghosts come in a shadow, let the visitors become a role of the play with the development of the plot, they fully devote themselves to the feeling of the regrettable love song in that special era, eventually create ultimate unique immersive experience both on audio and visual feelings.


     Zhejiang radio and television group propaganda department minister points out that the concept of The Phantom Lover with interactive experience in audio technology innovation is accord with China Sea Studios founding philosophy and helps set a new starting point for the cultural industry development of the Group.

     The director of China Sea Studios says that The Phantom Lover will be the first personal experiential idea project in the country to be integrated with holographic technology. The vivid WFS 3D AUDIO space sound system will also become the most striking point for China Sea Studios.


     After the unique experience, Visitors excitingly say "it  is surrounded by ghosts and whispers in the whole process, I am too scared to breathe, fearing there will be something hit over me, this space sound effect is really cool!"

     ANYSTAGE has been committed to providing much more qualified services in the space sound system to create brand new exclusive experience for your space sound design.