Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2017-11-20

     At present, operation and maintenance visualization technology has been widely used in dispatching and operation of power grids. Through the dynamic, all-round and multi-angle display of big data of power grids, our team provides vivid and intuitive visualization graphics and images for operation and maintenance personnel,

customizing the project for grid enterprise display. With the aid of virtual reality technology, the operation and maintenance personnel can directly obtain the high-level information that reveals the operation trend and nature of the power grid, and can be timely insight into the existing abnormalities and potential hidden accidents so as to strengthen the grasp of the macro-information of the power grid.


     The exhibition hall is divided into three parts:

     The first part is Triple projection screen with 1.6 m * 8 m, combined with 3 * 2 m interactive sand table. The main supporting role, the power grid lines and the station operation of the communication construction topic and information construction topic in power grid communication project are presented respectively as the display. At the same time the contents of the sand table and projection screen are combined to meets customers' needs for displaying the core computer room and each system and the virtual monitoring system of the power grid.

     The second part is splicing triple touch screens. The grid elements are arranged by category to achieve the entire process technology show of electricity delivered from the power generation to the end user.

     The third part is self-service inquiry system. The contents of company technical highlights, environmental supervision and key projects are presented in the way of  video, pictures, technology and other information, according to time sequence.                      


     As the basic network to support the safe and stable operation of power grid, the power grid information and communication system has realized not only the comprehensive, real-time and panoramic large-scale screen visualization monitoring of the information communication resources and network, but also the monitoring automation, service flow and interactive display of communication management. It fully reflects the communication and operation level of the company ,enhances the daily maintenance and operation of the company and effectively guarantees the safe and stable operation of the power grid.