Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-03-08

     With the wide application of liquid crystal splicing technology in various fields of society, narrowing the splicing seam has become the core problem to be solved in the field of splicing technology. Aiming at the high cost of DLP splicing and the splicing problem of DID liquid crystal splicing screen, our Korean technical research and development team of our Bezel Free products continuously optimizes the products through careful selection and repeated accurate scientific data calculation, and finally develops and tests a new generation of Bezier Free seamless splicing film.

     security, exhibition, shopping mall, advertisement and entertainment market.

Bezel free seamless splicing film is a kind of pure flat high transparent optical splicing film, using PMMA optical material of pure height, according to the principle of optical refraction, the splicing seam of splicing screen is reduced to less than 1 mm, visual almost reached the effect of seamless splicing. At present, Bezel Free seamless splicing film has been successfully put into practical application, and fully proved that Bezel Free seamless splicing film can solve the existing patchwork problem, completely suitable for the current 3.5 seamless panel made by  Samsung and LG, the two major manufacturers transformation application. In addition, Bezel Free seamless splicing film also has anti-glare, anti-static, anti-foreign objects and other external damage to the display, so that products are strengthened as a whole, compared to the DID splicing screen, it has really made the biggest breakthrough of seamless splicing and become a cross-time work of seamless splicing screen.

     The main application areas as below:

Large spliced display screen with 3.5 mm to be displayed in government, airport, station, security, exhibition, shopping mall, advertisement and entertainment market.