Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-03-08

     In February 2018, holding the concept of continuous learning ,ANYSTAGE team went to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, to attend the 2018 ISE International Audio-Visual and Systems Integration Exhibition held here.

     ISE 2018 lasted from February 6 to February 9, with 1,296 exhibitors occupying 53,000 square meters of exhibition space. The exhibition gathered together audio-visual technologies and solutions applied in education and training, transportation, security, medical, entertainment, construction, enterprise and government departments. In all 15 exhibition halls, ANYSTAGE team fully experienced a vivid display of the latest AV and system integration technologies, products and solutions, confirming the status of the exhibition as the preferred international destination for AV professionals.

     Except for learning the information of over 1,200 leading technology and solution providers, our team also participated in a series of conferences, such as keynote addresses and education and training sessions being held on the show, learning about solutions in  entertainment technology, monitors and screens, multi-touch and many other solutions, and experiencing high-end technology innovative concepts. This exhibition has injected more fresh blood into the future development of ANYSTAGE.


     ISE is by far the most successful audio-visual and systems integration exhibition in Europe and the largest professional audio-visual exhibitions in the world organized by the Association of International Exchanges Industry  InfoComm International and The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. It represents the highest authority of audio-visual technology in the business field and is also the most influential organization in the industry. ISE has set a new record for exhibitors and spectators every year since its first successful event in Geneva, Switzerland, in February 2004.