Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-03-08

     2018 Guangzhou International Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition ("ISLE") was held on March 3 - 6, 2018 in Area B of Guangzhou Canton Fair. This time, ANYSTAGE joined hands with Shenzhen Corrente electronic co., ltd to participate in the exhibition.

     The ANYSTAGE brings its urban operations integrated management system platform, which covers many aspects of urban life, including urban demographics, urban transport, urban health and urban safety and other information that help enterprises optimize the management level, and improve management efficiency.

     The system consists of big data platform, government service platform, enterprise service platform, etc. The city is fully integrated with the Internet, and then the panoramic city view and the real-time monitoring and tracking of the city , showing through the 3D map of the city, which is conducive to creating a green, digital and intelligent city, greatly optimizing the level of urban management and living standards of residents, but also an effective way of urban propaganda.

     The data acquisition and processing support service provided by the platform establishes a universal data conversion format according to different types of data sources, namely, each outfield subsystem can store relevant data in a unified database of the system through a data acquisition and processing support service portal in any data transmission mode with large throughput capacity , high reliability and wide acquisition range.

     The new ISLE is comprehensive upgraded, and the total exhibition area exceeds 120,000 square meters, nearly 16,000 exhibitors and about 20 professional meetings. The exhibition is divided into eight exhibition areas, LED display technology application area, LED display integrated solutions exhibition area, advertising display equipment and logo exhibition area, advertisement light box exhibition, laser engraving equipment exhibition area, curved word equipment exhibition area, spray printing equipment exhibition area, LED lighting innovation technical exhibition. ISLE is committed to creating a more professional and high-quality advertising logo and LED industry platform and exhibits fully covered. New large-screen display technology and application of the exhibition carried out over the same period.

     The booth of the ANYSTAGE is in the LED display technology application area 9.2B03. ANYSTAGE made use of the LED large screen provided by Corrente company to perfectly present the urban operation integrated management system platform, the model design of science and technology sense coupled with cool big data analysis attracts the attention of all the participants and conducted communication and discussion with the people in the industry at the exhibition, which gained a lot of recognition and support. ANYSTAGE team will become much more strong and powerful, attract many people to join us, and become the leader of interactive art in China.

     It is worth mentioning that the organizing committee has opened a 440 square meter forum area at the 12.2 pavilion, which is hosted by the famous third-party consulting and service organization " big screen display performance list" and provides a comprehensive exchange opportunity for exhibitors and visitors. The forum invites famous and well-known enterprises in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain to give all-weather lectures on new technologies, innovative products and development trends of the industry, which will bring a feast of ideological collision and interactive exchange to the industry.

     From this exhibition, ANYSTAGE not only learns excellent experience, but also receives a number of enterprise cooperation invitations. Thanks for ISLE to offer us such a good platform and allow all enterprises to exchange discussions, let LED industry glow fever and create a new brilliance.