Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-05-15

      ANYSTAGE has been actively seeking to achieve cross-border cooperation with artists from different industries, hoping to integrate it perfectly with art to develop many forms of expression; At the same time, it hopes that artists can use ANYSTAGE as a medium to dig out much more artistic expression. On 21 April, 2018, in Red Gate Gallery, ANYSTAGE, combing with Austrian Cultural Center, the Irish Culture Department and the U.S. Embassy, co-supported the art show Mortgaged Time and participated in the opening ceremony, which was to oppose all forms of violence as the theme and invited 10 international artists and 7 Chinese artists, including photography, painting, performance art, vocal music, performances and other art forms. The cooperation with the artists was very pleasant. We thank the artists for their artistic contributions to the Mortgaged Time. ANYSTAGE also gained a lot of inspiration on sound and performing arts in this collaboration.

      The Art exhibition will be continued to 29 April, 2018. Welcome to pay a visit.