Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-05-15

Enjoy Cartier cactus series in immersive desert interactive experience tunnel


In order to introduce a new series of Cactus de Cartier into Kuwait market, Cartier, a high-end jewelry brand, held a high-impact activity in five days.


A 8-meter long immersive interactive experience tunnel composed of LED and a 20 square meter  interactive dynamic video wall were presented in the event.


In the immersive interactive experience tunnel, it showed the elements of cactus, its habitat, reproductive cycle. etc, changing the traditional theme inspired by flowers. When visitors entered into this tunnel, they would start to enjoy their desert journey.




At the same time, the sensors in the tunnel could detect people's movements and gave the corresponding feedback, such as cactus blooming, birds flying, bees falling in flowers and so on. In addition, in order to increase the sense of immersion of the tunnel as much as possible, the production team also installed two ventilators to blow the fragrance of elements appeared on the LED screen in the tunnel. Sometimes, you could smell fresh aloe fragrance, and later, the fresh grass flavor came to you.



This tunnel was with a diameter of 3.5 meters and the length of 8 meters formed by splicing LED screens. The total resolution of the media tunnel was 2800 * 2800 pixels. The curved nature of the display served for a few distortion issues on the top of the tunnel, while the shaping function of Ventuz effectively solved these problems and corrects the deformed image.



After passing through the tunnel, you would see a LED  interactive wall covered with glass panels with an area of 20 square meter.


Here, visitors could choose to start their interactive tour in five Cactus de Cartier series, which led them to learn the information of specific plants related to jewelry and described how the characteristics of plants influenced the designers to create works. A game-like segment allowed the visitors to learn more about jewelry production.



In order to realize simultaneous operation of multiple people on the video wall, Ventuz mirrored the display content, with Arabic on one side and English on the other side. Ventuz always kept all assets outside of the Ventuz projects, like images,videos and text, it was very easy to translate them in the corresponding Excel files, which also fully met clients' need to modify the content in real-time.



In addition, in order to enable visitors to have a deeper experience, Ventuz also created a VR experience, wearing Oculus Rift helmet to enjoy the real experience going through the tunnel, which was much easier for visitors to immerse themselves in our concept.


As a long-term partner of ANYSTAGE, Ventuz has been committed to create the splendid visual presentation as well as ANYSTAGE. ANYSTAGE also thanks for Ventuz support and looks forward to spurting beautiful sparks with Ventuz in future.