Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-05-23

      The much-anticipated Tencent Cloud Summit will be officially launched in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center  Expo from may 23rd to 24th. As the most authoritative internet exhibition, Tencent Cloud Summit will conduct in-depth communication with all industries around the cloud development in the digital economy era.



      At this conference, ANYSTAGE created a visual creative display for the business content of Bank of China. The content display adopts a new curved screen display, and the curved screen display can present a wider visual range to get better results. The exhibition of the project can be controlled by flat panel or mobile phone, which is very convenient. It can promote the digital development of the  enterprise, help decision makers to set goals and improve work efficiency by the visual display of Bank of China's business.



       This is not the first time that ANYSTAGE has made a global exhibition, but it is the first time that we have provided business exhibition services for banks, which is a very good start. ANYSTAGE is very willing to provide visual exhibition services for all industries to help enterprises promote digital development.



      The agenda of this congress includes thirteen special forums for developers, enterprises and governments, covering all walks of life, mainly involving cloud business development, enterprise digital transformation and other contents, and sharing the security and technical capabilities of Tencent. This time, T-DAY interactive experience exhibition has also been added, which is Tencent's first large-scale interactive experience exhibition with " technology" as its main line and open to users. It can experience the frontier technical strength such as Tencent Cloud, AI, AR, face recognition, voice recognition, internet plus smart life and various cool interactive games.



      ANYSTAGE looks forward to your visit!


      Details of the exhibition:   2018 / 05 / 23 - 2018 / 05 / 24
                                            Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo
                                            Booth number   B122