Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-06-07



      This is a project of an administrative organ in Emeishan City, which is used to display monitoring data of municipal fishery water in Emeishan City. In order to achieve the best display effect, we use a 3 * 4 bezel free seamless splicing film. Bezel free seamless splicing film can also resist glare and static electricity. It not only produces a seamless effect visually, but also makes the display more clear and soft, which is helpful to protect the eyes of viewers. this makes the staff observing the data very satisfied.The customer is very satisfied with the display effect presented by Bezel Free seamless splicing film and hopes to cooperate with ANYSTAGE again.



      Bezel free is a seamless splicing film with international patents. In addition to anti-glare and anti - static, it is also more resistant to external force damage in strength, making up for the high cost of DLP splicing and seam problem of DID splicing. It can be said to be multi-in-one, with high cost performance and is very suitable for wide application.