Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-07-20



       First of all, we would like to congratulate Ningxia Shapotou Grand Theatre for its successful debut on June 26, 2018! Shapotou Celebration has now been officially performed to the public. Based on the folk myth and legend of Shapotou, the theatre has created a large magical scene experience drama, which is full of local characteristics and cultural atmosphere of Shapotou and integrates holographic images, 3D surround sound, glass crystal ball, giant lifting platforms and other cutting-edge stage art technologies. Everyone deserves to experience it in person.



       It is a great honor for Anystage to participate in the creation of this performance and provide professional audio technical design and support for the grant event of the theatre. As a comprehensive experience show, Shapotou Theatre has very high and demanding requirements in order to meet audiences' experience needs. It not only presents a fabulous effect for the audience in terms of vision, but also offering unexpected and unrivalled immersive sound environment.  In some immersive experience, we adopt ANYSTAGE's unique holographic positioning sound control technology. Although the traditional surround sound systems provide a good listening experience, they lack of some elements obtained from the real sound experience.

      In audio technology, ANYSTAGE has been trying its best to surpass the current surround sound to create a more realistic 3D audio world. Based on years' research, we develop our own WFS-3DAUDIO system, which can interactively locate and move a large number of audio objects and play back them in real time. In addition, the system also allows the users to change the reverberation time of the audio scene to simulate a wide range of acoustic environments and characteristics. Although the conventional multi-channel system such as 5.1 or 7.1 depends on a specific speaker position, our WFS-3DAUDIO system can easily cope with any speaker setup without losing its directional reproduction quality.



      In Shapotou Grand Theater of Ningxia, WFS-3DAUDIO system has fully presented its charm of 3D surround sound. Over 128 channels of loudspeakers are distributed in three layers. All of them belongs to WFS-3DAUDIO series of full-frequency speakers with MADI digital audio signal transmission. Simultaneously, it has LTC timecode function to manage and remotely control the playback, which are synchronized with MALIGHT lighting system and video system. Our WFS-3DAUDIO system also has the function of seamlessly linking NEUNDO audio software and it supports realtime input and tracking calibration of 32 target objects. The sound movement is completely three-dimensional visualization. It is very convenient for people producing 3D audio system and greatly improves work efficiency.



      No matter of our team’s excellent working attitude or the physical quality of working all night long, this project is a great challenge for ANYSTAGE, however, the successful performance event confirms all efforts of our whole team once again and lays a good foundation for us to go further in our cross-border cooperation with art.