Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-10-18

     The development of the energy industry has always been the primary symbol of the country's progress. In order to promote the revolution of electric energy in the ubiquitous life and the advocacy of green energy, it has become an indispensable technology market for the big data visualization and interactive industry. Various interactive forms and new ideas have emerged. Now, it is such an opportunity for us to visit EP China 2018, the high-end industry festival of green power and clean energy.



     Organized by China Electricity Council and Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., the largest and most reputable electric power exhibition in the domestic power industry, EP China 2018 was held in Beijing from October 15th to 17th, 2018. It is a professional electric power exhibition endorsed by UFI Approved Event in China with annual rotation in Beijing and Shanghai in alternate years. Here, the high-end achievements and advanced modern technology in the power industry of China have been presented since the reform and opening up policy has been 40 years.



     Here, various power industry leaders are gathered together with their respective display methods in great deal of diversity.



     Big data is still an important way in energy display to make key data presented in straightforward and comprehensive way with rich visual effects and interactive ways, which makes people understand easily.



The use of virtual driving with green electric vehicles and green charging pile



Electric power operation and maintenance and Kinect



Multimedia interactive sand table


     In this exhibition, the model control interactive software for large thermal power plants and corporate culture content introduced by touch screen of China Datang Group, was fully produced by Anystage team with technical support.



     China Huadian Group adopted the way of combination of splicing screen with electronic sand table and transparent model. In the field of green energy, it expresses the art of light and shadow with dynamic Retinal Bloom effect.



     Other major power leaders, including China Huaneng, CEEC, Power Construction company , State Power Investment Corporation Limited, China Southern Power Grid Company Limited, and China Electricity Council.etc, all participated in the grand event.


     Overseas exhibitors have also brought many technologies and products into our domestic green energy field.


     From green grid to smart microgrid, photovoltaic cloud, smart car networking big data, based on the deep understanding for industry and electric power automation, Anystage has always been strived forward to contribute to creating the new energy interconnection and intelligent operation and maintenance, analysis and display platform. We provide a professional 3D real-time big data visualization display system to help clients enjoy the scientific and technological achievements of industrial Internet of things and energy Internet, and bring people a new visual and interactive experience.