Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2018-10-29

       2018 World Conference on VR Industry was officially opened on 19th October in Nanchang, Jiangxi, co-sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and government of Jiangxi Province. Our Anystage team visited the conference adhering to the spirit of innovation in advanced science and technology. We hope to absorb new innovative technical ideas from the conference and inspire our mind on our professional interactive solutions.

       The theme of this conference was "VR makes the world a better place". Various VR manufacturers showed their own unique products to the audience, and presented VR's influence on our daily life, which inspired us a lot.

HTC Virtual Reality Teaching

Intelligent health monitoring robot

VR live event broadcast system

VR+ motion capture technology

       The tendency of VR industry is bound to last a long time and will bring a lot of applications. It is not just a technology. The most important part is to combine humanities and science technology. Anystage is delving into VR field and many other advanced science and technology to combine with our interactive business in order to bring much better interactive solutions for our customers in the near future.