Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2019-05-16

    In order to focus on visual interactive creative idea development, Anystage makes efforts to create its own interactive brand Touchtracker T3. T3 aims to intention to create amazing realtime visual effects, using immersive interactive experience to serve for the clients and brands and becomes the interactive leader of visual graphic art in the industry.

    T3 represents a sort of think, a technology and a team. We create thinking to touch one's heartstrings. We use technology to catch one's eyes and surprise them. We have our team to achieve extraordinary thing. That's why we insist in "Go after freedom, make yourself visible".

    Currently, T3 focuses on data visualization product. Through interactive art design to insight the behind value of data, we combine creative art design with high-end technologies, use realtime 3D graphics, animations, man-machine interaction technologies and present the abstract data in an interesting and interactive way, more intuitively, to help clients to do the accurate business analysis and improve decision-making efficiency and company culture and brand.