Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2019-05-16

      Being as an integration operator of cultural industry resource with a keynote emphasis on the application of technology innovation, Anystage makes its dream come true: following up Alibaba to start a Chinese brand-new film and culture tour with good value of rewarding virtue and punishing vice.

      On 3, December, 2015, the signing ceremony and press conference of animated film Save the Golden City of Thousand and One Nights, presented by Anystge, was successfully held in Chengdu, Sichuan province.


      As the priceless treasure and common heritage of mankind, the stories of Thousand and One Nights are always talked with delight, such as AliBaba and the Forty ThievesAladdin and His Wonderful Lamp and so on. According to the series stories and being rearranged and created, Save the Golden City of Thousand and One Nights tells a story like this: In a far and ancient nation, the old King passed away and the Prince was framed for a monster with blue hair. In order to help and save the Prince, Sara, the heroine and Kalimdor, the hero with other people starts a journey on looking for the Tree of Life. They embark on a series of bizarre adventures of breaking through the snake island, fighting with sea monster, across the desert, sneaking into the graveyards, with the help of AliBaba and Dr. Dupont of Aladdin, gradually solve mysteries to come to the Tree of Life and help the prince transform back into human form and finally save the golden city.


      Presenting the film is the first step for Anystage to access Cultural Creative industry. In recent two years, Anystage is always active in innovative cultural entertainment fields. The successful production of the animated film of Save the Golden City makes Anystage obtain the film’s IP development right and then Anystage could make use of the innovative technology in audio, video and interactive fields to recreate this film and turn it into various theme entertainment projects, Dome cinema, innovative stage plays with unique 3D sound and 3D image technology. All of these new ideas greatly attract lots of entertainment projects’ investors’ attention and arouse their new interest in the creative development of the film.

      Anyway, you’ve got to have a dream. So let’s go find the magic lamp in the fairy tale to make our one thousand and one wish: Looking forward Save the Golden City spectacular and the cultural innovative dream of Anystage in perfect blossom.