Written by: 源音文创 Published in:2019-10-22

       At the end of September 2019, Anystage realtime 3D DataV team has firstly finished the cooperation with China Mobile company successfully on providing real time data visualization designing and presenting service in order to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of People's Republic of China.

        After communicating with China Mobile's leader on the purpose of the project in many times, we've learned that it aims to guarantee the stability of the mobile network during National Day period and rapidly monitoring various data running on the large screen. Therefore the data content showed on the screen covers from the total number of China mobile users in this region, the amount of overflowing users per day per month, the quantity of flow in key scenic spots, wireless accessing rate calculated per hour, total downstream quantity of flow in the autonomous region, user software using flow indicators,etc, such a large number of realtime data to help China Mobile to quickly and intuitively monitor communication network operation status and thus to improve the service quality for customers.



     Confirming the requirements with our client, we know it's a time pressing and hard task project again. In order to finish the requirements with high quality and server well for the client, depending on its rich production experience and design techiques, Anystage team skillfully use a number of self-made ready-to-be used Ventuz dataV toolkit to produce 3D visualization content in one week, fully preparing for the project. And on the site, our team has actively coordinate with different departments of the large screen presenting project to finish the installation work in 2 days, and finally successfully meet the client's need and deliver the project to China Mobile in Tibet before 1st October 2019.

      The leaders from China Mobile has spoken highly of our team on the effectively designing and producing capability and professional service, which laid the good foundation for the follow-up cooperation between China Mobile and Anystage. And it's our honor to provide good service for Tibet China Mobile's 70th Anniversary work and we are looking forward to our better cooperation in the near future.  Anystage Data Visualization team will keep going to offer professional service for the customers adhering to the principle of "Creativity, Technology, Service".