Published in:2017-05-29

The industrial monitoring visualization platform provided by Touchtracker Interaction can be combined with user’s original automatic control system, to provide the most effective visualization solution for the industrial production monitoring and virtual manufacturing applications in the age of big data, through MR and AR mixed augmented reality, data dashboard and other methods.

Application areas:

Power and energy, metal manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and military industry, automobile manufacturing, oil, mines, etc.


Product modules:

a. Production plant visualization

    Through the 3D Virtual Reality technology, it showcases the industrial production plant, from the external environment and the buildings to the internal structure and standalone equipment, in a three-dimensional and simulated way. You are allowed to arbitrarily aadjust the angle and switch between scenes.

b. Visualization of production processes:

The virtual reality technology is integrated into the industrial monitoring system to restore each section and the form of important equipment and reflect its production process and operation status, based on the simulation scene of the real plant production line.

c. Visualization of production equipment:

Through 3D visualization, it three-dimensionally shows the industrial manufacturing equipment and dynamically displays the structure, process and working principle of the production equipment. Based on data-driven design, it allows you to access real-time data to achieve real-time equipment simulation.

d. Production or mechanical structure dismantling:

Using MR mixed reality and dynamic 3D design, it supports static / dynamic structural visualization. The static visualization displays equipment composition and structural design through the equipment structure dismantling. The dynamic visualization can display the operation status and process of equipment and can also play the preset script for simulation, demonstration and other purpose.

e. Mode switch of large screen integration splicing control:

Unified visualization mode control mechanism and integrated screen splicing control allow you to switch between the software system and screen splicing mode with ease. Users can switch the application scenarios easily and quickly.

f. Mobile terminal interactive control:

The System allows you to use Pad, smartphone and other handheld devices as a control terminal, to switch between the large-screen display layout and system mode and interactively control the content of software interface. It offers customers a flexible and convenient control experience.