Published in:2017-05-30

Collection Art Wall

    Collection Art Wall is a wall composed of interactive multi-touch and large-size splicing screen. It can display in real time all the permanent collection of works of art that are currently in the gallery or museum, at any given time, in thousands of pieces of works. In addition, the Collection Art Wall also shows the currently representative, highlighted works and the information about the selection of important classified grouped artworks.




    It is convenient for visitors to discover and communicate with the artworks on the wall. As a guide, it helps visitors to connect with the artworks in a pleasant way, thus offering them an amazing visiting experience. Its display changes every 40 seconds,attracting visitors and making the visit interesting. It groups artworks by their themes and types.

    How does it work?

    The wall with the size of 12 m x 1.5 m is made up of many 3D motion-sensing cameras with the resolution of more than 4K. Its multi-touch system allows many users to interact with the wall at the same time. It opens up 20 separate interfaces on the collection wall to be explored. Written in an open framework, the software runs on Windows 7 workstation to handle cross-wall video and optical character recognition(OCR) system.

    It uses high-resolution digital cameras to shoot the collectibles, and then get photos with publishable quality to ensure true-to-nature effect on the wall. Then, it will import them into the workstation to allow users to remotely access to, maintain and update.

Dynamic Art Wall

    Dynamic Art Wall is a solution that integrates art, machinery, interaction and display. It is composed of 3D motion-sensing cameras, multi-touch system, laser radars and display wall hardware.

    Its software is designed and coded by Touchtracker interactive 3D visualization software. With human perception imaging functionality, it can perceive visitor’s approach. When a visitor is approaching, the fuzzy AR display will become clearer. You can touch it and search about the content. It is an imaginative and creative program. The representative of the program that applied to a variety of areas is the imaginative design of Smart City. The honeycomb on the surface or the cube movement effect is visually striking. The Dynamic Art Wall is made up of ultra-high-definition splicing screens, with a size of 1.5 m x 5 m or larger customzied sizes.