Published in:2017-05-30


    Target market:

    Dome theater, theme park, live show, professional audio


    Close your eyes and listen to the falling rain; push aside the branches and listen to the sound of a rushing stream. The crunch of steps is getting closer. Suddenly, you hear a deafening roar of a lion, followed by a dead silence. Later, you hear the gasps and hurried steps of running people and the roar of the wind caused by galloping cheetahs... All kinds of sound mix together. Immersing in it, you feel like you were in the African virgin forest where a battle is underway between human and animals. Vivid 3D stereo sound, coupled with projection, lighting, laser and video, gives you a truly immersive experience. Try our 3D Surround Sound, and you will enjoy an amazing audio feast.


    3D Surround Sound will make your performance distinctive and unforgettable. Its unique emotional immersive environment makes the sound a messenger of emotion, allowing audience to immerse into the audio world. According to your needs, we will customize a set of creative solution for you, including the design of the room, the selection, amount and location of speakers, the production of sound, the supply of hardware and software products, installation, construction and follow-up maintenance.


a. STARIUM 3D Surround Sound Cinema in Shenyang

    CJ CGV, one of Asia’s largest film companies, applies our 3D Surround Sound system to its brand-new composite cinema in Shenyang, China. Here, viewers will enjoy striking 3D visuals and incredibly realistic spatial sound putting the audience right into the movie they are watching.

    We are responsible for the design and installation of surround sound server and a ring of 56 speakers. Besides, the STARUIM is also equipped with giant screen occupies the entire wall. The STARUIM is located in Xinyicheng of Dunan, Shenyang.

b. 3D Surround Sound Audio Room of Estuary Science and Technology Museum of Yangtze River Shanghai

    Estuary Science and Technology Museum of Yangtze River Shanghai lies in Wusong Paotaiwan wetland forest park of Baoshan District, Shanghai. It is a unique science and technology museum to introduce the estuary’s natural environment, scientific and technological application and humanities landscape knowledge.

    The museum covers 7707m2. The main building is divided into two layers: one floor under ground and two floors above the ground, separately including five exhibition halls, one 4D dynamic movie theatre and one 3D surround sound audio room. This audio room covers about 50 square meters. It uses our surround sound system to realize 32 channels’ surround sound experience and create sound file about ocean. Through this successful examining and receiving, it has created a new model for the surround sound experience of China’s scientific and technological museum. Here, you can immerse into the natural and ecological environment of the estuary area. Standing in this audio room with the surround sound, you can feel the purest live recording from estuarine areas all over the world. Even you can feel the unique beauty of the estuary from the perspective of freely flying birds in the sky and swimming fishes in the ocean.


3.3D Surround Sound Production Studio

It is the first 117-channel 3D surround sound production studio in China. It is a film and television media company, mainly engaged in 3D film production, post-production of film, TV series and TV show and production of 3D dome film. Leading 3D video technology in China, it aims to produce 3D surround sound using this 117channels studio to match with its cutting edge 3D video technology, thus to create the best 3D audio & video effects.

4.Double 3D exhibition hall of an energy group

In order to immerse visitors into the process of magnificent development of Huaneng Group, double 3D audio & video system technology is adopted. In audio, it combines 3D surround sound technology with PD’s FX353d projectors, using real-time 3D interactive control software to bring visitors an unparalleled 3D experience in sound and picture. With ring-shaped arrangement, the loudspeakers are 1.8 meters high from the floor. In addition to 3D surround sound, the JVP-HDF ring screen curtain also offers users an ultimate immersive experience.