Published in:2019-07-16

Project Instruction

   Take the large-screen display project of the Bank of China's Xiong'an New District as an example. This system mainly displays the Bank's global service capabilities, domestic comprehensive service capabilities, Hebei comprehensive service capabilities, and citizen service centers. In the global service capabilities, with the dynamic earth and world sector design ideas, 542 branches of 56 countries and regions of the Bank of China will be displayed, covering three years of data along the 20 countries along the “Belt and Road”, including supporting the number of major overseas projects and countries along the route. Various types of credits, going global, syndicated loans and structured financing and cash management; domestic comprehensive service capabilities show green finance, inclusive finance, poverty alleviation finance and BOC's poverty alleviation financial data in Xianyang North 4 counties in the form of China map radiation, and Information system transaction big data integration status and data center real-time data docking; Hebei service comprehensive ability shows BOC's economic support loan data for the province, channel construction in the province's outlets and prefecture-level cities, and smart counters and mobile phones across the province The intelligent service of banking business data and the inclusive finance of the distribution and quantity of local agricultural support outlets; the Citizen Service Center mainly displays the architectural features of the Xiong'an Citizen Service Center, the location and internal structure of the Bank's exhibition halls, and information on the civic center enterprises and companies.


    The system demonstrates the leadership of digital and intelligent construction in highlighting “China's global banks” and “global banks in the world”. The development trend of the financial industry is digital, intelligent and technological, especially in the banking industry. In order to better display the brand image, the smart financial 3D visual display system will become a good marketing assistant for the financial industry.

Functional Architecture:

                           1.Data source:Excel/CSV,mysql,oracle,sqlserver;

                    2.Data processing: data integration, data correlation, data screening;

                    3.Data visualization: visual analysis, data classification, data layout;

                    4.Display: large screen, touch screen, handheld mobile terminal;

                       small screen control large screen;

                    5.Can be connected to various IPTV platforms.