Published in:2019-07-16

Project Instruction

    Our smart energy solutions are mainly developed for the information construction and operation and maintenance dispatching of the power grid industry.

    Through the dynamic, all-round and multi-angle display of large-scale grid data, it provides more visual and intuitive visual graphics for operation and maintenance personnel, and tailors the project for grid display. We express the boring data of the grid in a flexible, materialized and dynamic way. With the help of virtual reality technology, the operation and maintenance personnel can directly obtain the high-level information revealing the trend and essence of the grid operation, and timely insight into the existing existence. Abnormalities and potential accidents, thus strengthening the grasp of the macro information of the grid.


    As the basic network supporting the safe and stable operation of the power grid, it is necessary to build the operation and maintenance visualization technology to further improve the real-time monitoring of the status of the information communication equipment, the on-site environment and the network status; realize the comprehensive and real-time information communication resources and networks. Panoramic large-screen visual monitoring; building a comprehensive monitoring and service process, displaying a large-screen visual monitoring mode with full viewing angle; using multi-view, intuitive and innovative forms, rationally and effectively using large-screen display interactive devices to achieve communication Management monitoring automation, service process, and interactive display, fully reflect the company's communication operation and management level, improve the daily maintenance, operation, operation and maintenance of the network company; can further follow the pace of power grid construction and development, effectively protect the grid security Stable operation.     

Functional Architecture:

                         1.Data source:Excel/CSV,mysql,oracle,sqlserver;

                         2.Data processing: data integration, data correlation, data screening;

                         3.Data visualization: visual analysis, data classification, data layout;

                         4.Display: large screen, touch screen, handheld mobile terminal;

                            small screen control large screen;

                         5.Can be connected to various IPTV platforms.