Published in:2019-07-16

Project Instruction:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

   This system is mainly for the display of digital, informational and intelligent management of the entire park management, and realizes the comprehensive display of various key data indicators in the core of the park operation, including the park property services (monitoring heart, smart parking, smart energy, disaster Early warning, water supply services, park enterprise services (number of enterprises, distribution, business operation data, macro display of park industry characteristics, layout, geographical advantages, talent advantages, transportation advantages), park investment services (park comprehensive display, procurement investment services) , project management services), employee services (park guidance integrated services and event information distribution notice), government management services (integrated governance supervision, emergency disposal, waste intelligent supervision). Through these real-time three-dimensional displays, the park management can intuitively and easily grasp the investment dynamics, business operations, operation management and monitoring and dispatching of the park, providing accurate data display for the park, and facilitating more intelligent management and decision-making of the park.

Functional Architecture:

                         1.Data source:Excel/CSV,mysql,oracle,sqlserver;

                         2.Data processing: data integration, data correlation,data screening;

                         3.Data visualization: visual analysis, data classification, data layout;

                         4.Display: large screen, touch screen, handheld mobile terminal;

                             small screen control large screen;

                         5.Can be connected to various IPTV platforms.