Published in:2019-07-16

Project Instruction                                                                                                                                 

    The intelligent command large-screen visualization system is mainly applied to the command and control large screen or electronic sand table of the military command combat simulation exercise. Support the integration of unlimited data resources, support 3D visual display of combat intelligence data analysis and monitoring, support real-time dynamic battle-level or tactical 3D visual display, 3D visual display of multiple operational scenarios of sea, land and air and multi-arms joint operations.

Functional Architecture:

                                 1.Data source:Excel/CSV,mysql,oracle,sqlserver;

                         2.Data processing: data integration, data correlation, data screening;

                         3.Data visualization: visual analysis, data classification, data layout;

                         4.Display: large screen, touch screen, handheld mobile terminal;

                            small screen control large screen;

                         5.Can be connected to various IPTV platforms.