Published in:2019-07-16

Project Instruction


   Taking Zhengzhou as the prototype of smart city, taking the population, economy and traffic statistics of Henan Province as the core, the paper analyzes and displays the integrated operation management system module of the city; the three-dimensional close-up of the key hospital building, the real-time data of a hospital in Zhengzhou, and the real-time registration of the hospital. , the amount of medical treatment, the amount of queuing, the average waiting time, payment information, etc., to create a city smart medical module; through the real-time monitoring and management of the police command center, analyze smart city security modules such as social security and network environment security; through analysis of the social environment, Science and education culture, resident disposable income, social insurance accumulation, deposit savings, etc. related to people's livelihood demand indicators and intelligent office, supervision and decision-making, demonstrating smart government modules; monitoring traffic centers and key business districts through traffic monitoring systems and Internet traffic applications Traffic hub section, analysis of bus, subway, private car and other modes of travel, morning and evening peak traffic congestion routes and road construction temporary closed sections with video surveillance collection as a hot spot, query corresponding road condition monitoring, timely evacuate traffic management, showcase urban smart traffic Management module; the position of the waters surrounding the factory power plants, pollution index, atmospheric wind index, the source of drinking water resources index, the analysis shows the wisdom of urban environmental pollution control module.

Functional Architecture:

                         1.Data source:Excel/CSV,mysql,oracle,sqlserver;

                         2.Data processing: data integration, data correlation, data screening;

                         3.Data visualization: visual analysis, data classification, data layout;

                         4.Display: large screen, touch screen, handheld mobile terminal;

                            small screen control large screen;

                         5.Can be connected to various IPTV platforms.